Prayer Warriors, I need you …

Years ago, I sat in a meeting.  
It was a really important meeting for a large financial contract. 
It was the biggest one I had ever drawn up.  
I was nervous sitting in a huge office of this enormous corporation.  
The man sitting across the desk from me, glanced thro the papers, 
then he picked up my papers and read my name again. 
He looked up at me.
‘Do you know John Cogley?’ he asked me.
“Yes, I do and …’
He interrupted me.
“You do? He is the most honest, likable, straightforward man I know.” he said.
“In fact,” he continued, “Around here we refer to him as Mr Integrity”
“Are you related to him?’ he asked.
“Yes, I am”,  I said with pride. “He is my Dad”.
He nodded and smiled, and without another word he signed every page.
Prayer Warriors, please lift my Dad up in prayer …
My Dad underwent heart surgery this morning.
It was very unexpected,  and altho it was successful …
he remains in pain and the Dr’s are looking to do more scans in the morning.
I ask that you keep him in your prayers, and keep him in your thoughts,
because he is Mr Everything to me.
Much love to you all.
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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and letting me know he's doing a bit better. God is good!Pam

  2. Sending every single good thought and prayer that I can. Your dad is going to be ok, this I know, that. Smile will not fade. Love to u today!

  3. What a fantastic story! Sending healthy & positive thoughts to you, your family & you Dad!

  4. Sending all sorts of good thoughts your way. xoxoxo

  5. wow, sending prayers all the way from Maine :)-Samantha

  6. Sending good thoughts your way. I hope your dad is okay.

  7. Praying for your dad, you, your famlly. Also, praying for the doctors and their wisdom to help your dad through this difficult time.

  8. You got my prayers as does your dad!!! I know what it is for a daughter to need serious prayers for her daddy! Lifting you all up now!Pam

  9. I'm more of a prayer sitter. Or prayer brow furrower. Anyway, I'm sorry for the unexpected happening today and prayers are heading your family's way from Richmond, VA. (um, that's where I live just in case you thought I was using a third party prayer).ps. i hope that laughing helps. but if it doesn't help, just read the sentence that starts with “Anyway,…” and know that i'm thinking of you.

  10. Prayers for your beautiful dad and you, my friend. xo

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